7.271″ LSx 4-Magnet Crank Trigger Wheel #1099


Billet Aluminum 4-Magnet Crank Trigger Wheel for LSx Chevy.

This trigger wheel is designed to be bolted onto the front of an Innovators West #845 LSx Race Damper. To be compatible with any other damper, the damper must have a BBC bolt pattern, BBC pulley register and must also be smaller than 7.250″ in order for the wheel to bolt up and the sensor to be able to reach the magnets. For dampers up to 7.700″ you can also use the #1097 BBC Trigger Wheel.

  • Works with Standard 3/4-16 Crank Trigger Sensors
  • 12-Magnet Version
  • Uses High Quality Neodymium Magnets


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