Ring Gear Service Form

Please print out and complete this form, send it with your gears.

Be sure to include this completed form inside the box with your gear. Once received, we will contact you at the phone number or email listed to go over the services requested, billing and shipping details.

NOTE: When shipping a gear back in for service, make sure the gear is securely wrapped and ensure that the pinion can not contact the ring gear. Damage to gears can and will occur if not wrapped securely. The factory box and packing material is always best.

Customer service can be reached by email or 785-825-6166 between 8am to 5pm CST Monday-Friday.

  • Chose which services you would like done to your gears.
  • If sending in a 9" or 9.5" Ford Pro gear, please specify which bolt holes you want REMOVED (if applicable)
  • Any extra information you would like to provide.
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