Roots Blower (BDS) 12-Magnet Crank Trigger Wheel #1112-12


Billet Aluminum Crank Trigger Wheel for Root Blower (BDS) applications. 12-Magnet Version that works with Innovators West Crank Trigger Sensor & Brackets or MSD.

  • Application: Root Blower (BDS)
  • 12-Magnet Version
  • Uses High Quality Neodymium Magnets
  • NOTE: This trigger wheel will only work with dampers that have the 2.760″ bolt pattern and 2″ male pulley register. If the 2″ male pulley register does not stick out past the wheel, the Innovators West #116-3 BDS Pulley Adapter can be added onto the front of the trigger wheel to extend the 2″ male register out to center up a blower pulley.

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