LS GM Serpentine Crank Trigger Brackets


This billet aluminum crank trigger sensor bracket is designed for use on GM LS engines. The bracket includes an extended transducer bracket designed to allow for the sensor to be placed outboard of a serpentine style damper. This allows for clearance for a 6 rib serpentine drive belt while keeping the bracket mounted behind the rear of the damper. Additional spacers are available to clear the wider 8 and 10-rib drive belts. Brackets have been test fitted for clearance on the passenger side of the engine. Drivers side brackets are available for engines with relocated accessories that allow direct access to the lower 2 timing cover bolts.

  • Application: LSX Chevy
  • Works with Standard 3/4-16 Crank Trigger Sensors
  • Course and Fine Timing Adjustments

Includes hardware and spacers to match the 1 of the 3 most common accessory drive offsets (of your choosing) when used with a matching Innovators West damper for easy mounting. The bolts and spacers can often be modified for use with other dampers. The transducer slide works with MSD #8276, Holley #554-118 and Innovators West #964 Crank Trigger Sensors.

Designed for use with the following crank trigger wheels:

  • #1099 (or #1099-12) 7.271″ LSX Trigger Wheel
  • #1097 (or #1097-12) 7.711″ BBC Trigger Wheel
  • #1121 (or #1121-12) 8.425″ LS Overdrive Trigger Wheel
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