5.0L Coyote Harmonic Balancer NMRA Coyote Stock #817CS


SFI 18.1 6 Rib Stock Dia. Single Accessory Drive Harmonic Damper for 5.0L for NMRA Coyote Stock race cars. 6 Rib on front only.

  • Diameter: 6.5″
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs
  • 6-Rib (Front Only)
  • Stock Diameter
  • Exceeds SFI 18.1 standards and is marked on front with SFI Sticker, and on the rear with SFI number stamped into unit.

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Double 3/16" Keyway Add On

Add an additional 3/16 Keyway to your Damper. Required the crankshaft to be machined for a second keyway 180* out from the original keyway. *Requires damper purchase.

Ford Coyote / GT500 Late Model 5.0L and 5.2L Crankshaft Damper Install Tool #10205

Save $20 on this tool when purchased with one of our Coyote Dampers!

This Crankshaft Damper Install Tool is used for Ford late model 5.0L and 5.2L Coyote applications. It could also be used on the GT500 and 4.6 and 5.4L Mod Motor engines as well.

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