Late Model HEMI Car Crank Bolt #1055


Harmonic Balancer Bolt for Dodge Late Model HEMI Car applications.

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Late Model HEMI Crank Washer, fits both cars and truck applications #1054

Harmonic Balancer Washer for Dodge Late Model HEMI applications.

Extreme Pressure Lube #10204

This CMD Extreme Pressure Lube is great to use for Balancer Installation and other high load surfaces to help eliminate scoring and galling on high load surfaces. We also use it on the Harmonic Balancer Puller/Installer threads, works great! Get you a couple, one for the shop and one for the trailer in case you need some at the track. 1/4 ounce package goes a long way.

Note: This lube also works exceptionally well for pushrod tips, valve tips, etc. prior to startup on racing engines and well as other extreme load situations.