LS2 GTO 8 Rib Drive (2nd Design) Conversion Kit with 10% Overdrive Damper #1046


8 Rib Drive Conversion Kit with 10% Overdrive Balancer for GTO 2nd Design Conversion kit

  • Cars equipped with a sprag style alternator pulley will need to purchase PN#1053 LS GTO 17mm x 1.5 nut for the alternator pulley.
  • Exceeds SFI 18.1 standards and is marked on front with SFI Sticker, and on the rear with SFI number stamped into unit.
  • NOTE: This conversion kit is designed for the 2nd Design of 2005 LS2 GTO (and 2006 LS2 GTO) with a 5.75″ diameter power steering pulley (OEM #92067786, 92218308) VIN# L491217 and higher

NOTE: Innovators West specific pin kit required when used with a stock non-keyed crankshaft.

  • NOTE: The Super Duty Blower Hub option is a thicker hub that provides greater resistance to hub cracking under high power supercharged applications (750 rwhp and greater). This option includes a new custom made timing cover seal to adapt the oversized hub to a stock timing cover.

  • NOTE: The Underdrive Alternator option is a larger diameter alternator pulley (2.800″) that is designed to slow the alternator down when ran on high rpm race engines (7500 rpm or higher). The underdrive alternator pulley will slow the alternator down and may cause charging issues at idle for street driven vehicles.
  • Options

    Crankshaft Pin Kit for LS1, LS2 GTO F-Body #967

    Crankshaft Pin Kit for LS1/2 GTO & LS1 F-Body.

    Designed for use with Innovators West dampers. Will not work with OEM or other aftermarket dampers.