Small Block Ford 4-Magnet Crank Trigger Kit for 6.5″ Diameter Damper #7000


The Innovators West Crank Trigger Kit allows you to easily add a crank trigger sensor to your Small Block Ford Balancer. This model is designed for use with OEM Style 4-Bolt Pulley Pattern 6.5″ Dampers and features a 7.00″ OD Crank Trigger Wheel with 4 Neodymium Magnets for accurate position sensing. We include your chose of a Passenger or Drivers Side bracket with mounting hole options for a wide range of mounting possibilities. Finally we include the 3/4-16 Innovators West Crank Trigger Sensor with MSD compatible wiring plug.

  • Application: Small Block Ford 6.5″ Dampers with 4 Bolt Pulley Style
  • 4 Magnet Style
  • Crank Trigger Wheel Outer Diameter: 7.00″ OD
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