Light Weight Ring Gears - Machining Services
We removed 3.8 lbs from these 8.8 4.10 Gears!

Light Weight Ring Gear Machining Service

Part# 10090
Only $200.00
add Add Low Drag REM Polishing for only $150 more!
Save up to 6 lbs in rotating mass with a Light Weight Ring Gear! Discounts available for 3 or more sets lightened at once.

NOTE - This machining service can be used for new or used gears supplied by the customer.


REM's ISF® Process significantly reduces wear up to 95%, reduces contact fatigue and reduces lubrication requirements. Finished gear sets have a significant friction reduction that sheds oil faster and offers quicker break-in. Treating gears with this process removes the microscopic peaks in the machined gear surfaces, resulting in a final Ra of 4-6 µin. Quite literally, this means the surface finish is "as smooth as glass", which also typically measures about 4 µin.

A Parasitic Friction Comparison Study done by REM on a T101 Transmission 3rd Gear showed a Six Horsepower gain over a standard untreated gear. The test was conducted using UNICAL 90W gear oil preheated to 180° F. It's very likely you'll see even more HP gain with rear end gears due to their larger friction area.

Service Q & A

  • Can all types of gears be lightened?
    Innovators West has fixtures for the following gears:
    Ford 7.5"GM 8.5" 10-Bolt
    Ford 8.8" GM 12-Bolt
    Ford 9"Dana 60
    Ford 9.5"  
    For other gears please call Innovators West to confirm that your gear can be lightened (Additional fixture fees and processing time may apply).

  • Does the lightening process make the ring gear weaker?
    Yes - anytime you reduce mass like this it will increase deflection in the gear. How much impact it will have on your ring gear life will depend on your application. We do maintain a minimum thickness when machining to avoid deflection, and in most cases you will not likely see a reduction in service life.

  • How much will this help lower ET's?
    By itself, reduced weight of the ring gear might not be noticeable on the ET slip, but in combination with other reductions in rotating and non-rotating weight, eventually these modifications when added together have an significant impact. It's well understood that ET is a function of car weight and horsepower, this is one of those every little bit helps, and due to the diameter of the ring gear, it can have more effect than say gun-drilled axles.

  • What's the turn around time to have this done?
    Typical turn around time is about 2 to 3 weeks.

  • When will I be billed?
    An Innovators West employee will contact you for billing on your Credit Card (Amex/Visa/MC) when the parts are ready to ship.

Shipping Instructions

Important - Please include your contact information including Name, Shipping Address, Phone and Email along with what services you are wanting done to the gears on a sheet of paper protected with a zip lock bag inside the box. This helps avoid confusion and lost parts within the shop. Thanks!

Package your gears in the original manufacturers shipping container. If one is not available, take extra care to prevent pinon and ring gear from banging together during shipment such as packaging them in individual boxes wrapped with foam or other suitable material. Innovators West can not be responsible for your packaging to our facility, we recommend insuring your shipment for it's full value as well.

Ship to:

Innovators West Inc.
2816 Centennial Road
Salina, KS 67401