1998-2006 LS Truck 8-Rib 10% Overdrive Conversion Kit with Harmonic Damper #997


8 Rib Drive Conversion Kit with 10% Overdrive Balancer for 1998-2006 GM 1500 Trucks.



Double 3/16" Keyway Add On

Add an additional 3/16 Keyway to your Damper. Required the crankshaft to be machined for a second keyway 180* out from the original keyway. *Requires damper purchase.

Crankshaft Pin Kit -GM LS Truck & Gen 5 Camaro #968

Crankshaft Pin Kit for GM LS Trucks, TBSS and Gen 5 Camaro's.

Designed for use with Innovators West dampers. Will not work with OEM or other aftermarket dampers.