Big Block Ford Racing Harmonic Balancers

Innovators West offers a full line of BBF Harmonic Balancers from high performance to all out, every ounce counts race applications. Choose from these popular models to not only save weight, but to keep that rotating assembly in one piece.

FE Ford 7 Inch Harmonic Balancer
PN# 208
Only $375.00
SFI 18.1 Rated High Performance 7 inch OD FE Ford Balancer shown with optional Crank Spacer.
Big Block 460 Ford Seven Inch Harmonic Balancer
PN# 209
Only $375.00
SFI 18.1 Rated High Performance 7 inch OD 460 Ford Harmonic Balancer for stock length crankshaft snout.
Details - 460 Ford Race Balancer
PN# 210
Only $375.00
460 Ford Race Balancer for use with Boss Length Crankshaft Snout & 6 Bolt BBC Pulley (Dual). SFI 18.1 Rated & shown with optional Flying Magnet Cover.
Ford Hemi Pro Stock Light Weight Harmonic Balancer
PN# 211
Only $700.00
Ford Hemi IHRA/NHRA Pro Stock Harmonic Balancer for High RPM Applications.
Ford Boss 429  - Short Snout Balancer Harmonic Balancer
PN# 214
Only $400.00
SFI 18.1 Ford Boss 429 Harmonic Balancer with Short Snout.
460 BBF - Harmonic Balancer
PN# 215
Only $400.00
SFI 18.1 460" Ford Harmonic Balancer w/ built in Spacer. 7" Diameter. OEM Spacing.
Details - BBF BDS Blower 7 Inch Harmonic Balancer
PN# 216
Only $450.00
SFI 18.1 Rated High Performance 7" OD BBF Damper for "BDS" Blower Pulley Applications.