Crank Trigger Bracket for SBF
Example Crank Trigger Sensor Mount

Small Block Ford Crank Trigger Sensor Mount

Part# 931
Only $136.00
Billet Aluminum Crank Trigger Sensor Bracket for Small Block Ford Passenger Side mount, fully compatible with Innovators West Dampers with built in Flying Magnet, or with MSD Separate Magnet Wheel.

Options include 5/16" lower timing cover mounting bolts and spacers which are often used on OEM and Dart Blocks. Also available are 3/8" mounting bolts and spacers, typically used on older Ford SVO blocks.

MSD Compatible Crank Trigger Sensor available separately.


Includes mounting hardware and spacers for easy passenger side mounting. Works with MSD #8276 and Innovators West #964 Crank Trigger Sensors.


  • Application: Small Block Ford
  • Works with Standard 3/4-16 Crank Trigger Sensors
  • 5/16" or 3/8" Mounting Holes
  • Passenger Side Mount
  • Course and Fine Timing Adjustments