GM 2006-2013 LS7 Corvette w/Crank Bolt

LSX 8-Rib Harmonic Balancer for LS7 Corvette - 10% Overdrive

Part# 853
Only $550.00
SFI 18.1 Harmonic Damper for GM 2006-2013 LS7 Corvette w/Crank Bolt. Features 8 Rib drive & 10% Overdrive Pulley.

NOTE: Although this damper is designed with 8 belt grooves, it may be used with the stock 6-rib accessory drive with no issues.




  • Diameter: 8.00"
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs
  • Exceeds SFI 18.1 standards and is marked on front with SFI Sticker, and on the rear with SFI number stamped into unit.