LSX Belt Drive for Motorplate Applications

LSX Chevy Camshaft Belt Drive for Motor Plate Applications

Part# 5201
Price $1350
The New Innovators West LSX Chevy Belt Drive features a billet machined aluminum cover, anodized precision machined pulleys and a top quality Super Torque belt. It features BBC front motor mount locations so you can use a BBC front motor plate.

To purchase a belt drive timing system for a custom racing engine, raised cam height block or other applications not shown, please call for pricing and availability.

Note: For LSX Chevy Non-Motor Plate applications, use model #5200 or raised Cam Model #5202

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  • Billet aluminum machined timing cover.
  • Standard Cam Height.
  • BBC Front Motor Mount Locations for Motor Plate
  • Precision machined pulleys.
  • Super Torque Belt.
  • Adjustable idler pulley eccentric for proper belt tension.
  • O-ring machined water ports.
  • 2 pc upper pulley featuring externally adjustable cam timing +/- 10 degrees.
  • Grade 8 mounting hardware included.
  • Optional High Vacuum Seals available.

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