Adjustable Big Block Ford Timing Pointer

Big Block 460 Ford Timing Pointer

Part# 3001
Only $75.00

This fully adjustable billet aluminum timing pointer is the perfect accessory for your Big Block Ford with a 7" Dia. Balancer. Bolts to right side of engine with plenty of adjustment to zero in on your TDC location. It can also be adjusted in two axis for the perfect fit and is designed to closely follow the contour of the damper for minimum parallax error.

Clears all Innovators West and other Harmonic Dampers from 6" to 7" O.D. with and without crank trigger wheels.



  • Will not fit engines with Danny Bee belt drive.
  • For Ford 429 & 460 Engines
  • Includes Mounting Hardware.
  • 2-Axis Adjustabilty
  • For 6" to 7" Outside Diameter Harmonic Dampers
  • Custom front engraving is available for purchases of 20 or more pointers.


Instructions Pending