6.75 inch SBF Race Balancer - Internal Balance Only
SBF Crank Trigger Kit Option PN #10001

6.75" SBF Race Balancer - Internal Balance Only

Part# 207
Only $415.00
* Note: Blower Hub Required for 1/4 Keyway Applications.

6.75" SBF Race Balancer - Internal Balance Only - Uses 6 bolt pulley (dual BBC Bolt Patterns) - Not for use with factory timing cover - Must use remote mount water pump.

The #207 damper is designed with race engines in mind. This damper is capable of handling in excess of 1800 hp. For supercharged applications please view the #213 "Extreme" Race Damper.



  • Flying Magnet Crank Trigger Option - Add $100.00
    Get rid of your separate Crank Trigger Wheel by integrating it into the Balancer itself! - Saves on average about 9 Ounces over the MSD Crank Trigger Wheel.
  • Crank Trigger Bracket Option - Add $136.00
    SBF Crank Trigger Kit OptionBolt on a matching billet aluminum sensor bracket and mounting hardware, with either passenger (std) or drivers side mounting options.
  • Crank Trigger Sensor Option - Add $65.00
    3/4-16 UNF Flying Magnet Crank Trigger Sensor - Direct Replacement for MSD #8276. Designed to work with Integrated IW Flying Magnet Balancer and Optional Mounting Brackets.
  • Dual Keyway Option - Add $20.00
    Add dual keyways for Supercharged or Extreme Duty Applications. Requires double keyed crankshaft snout. * Note: Blower Hub Required for 1/4 Keyway Applications.
  • Blower Hub Option - Add $25.00
    The super duty hub has increased material for supercharged applications.This increased material helps to protect the hub from cracking in high load applications. The super duty hub is recommended for supercharged applications making over 750 rwhp. Includes matching timing cover oil seal.


  • Outer Diameter: 6.75"
  • Weight: 7.3 lbs
  • Exceeds SFI 18.1 standards and is marked on front with SFI Sticker, and on the rear with SFI number stamped into unit.