2007-2013 LS Truck 10 Rib Drive
Conversion Kit with 10% Overdrive Damper

Part# 1048
Only $1440.00

NOTE: Innovators West specific pin kit required when used with a stock non-keyed crankshaft.

10 Rib Drive Conversion Kit with 10% Overdrive Damper for 2007-2013 LS Truck. Conversion kit includes:
186410-Rib Drive - 10% Overdrive Damper
191310-Rib GM Alternator Pulley or 1090 Underdrive 10-Rib Alternator Pulley
1911LS Truck 10-Rib P/S Pulley
1102010-Rib LS Truck Large Smooth Idler Pulley
1916GM 10-Rib Tensioner Pulley
1104707-13 LS Truck 10-Rib Water Pump Pulley
Any additional aftermarket pulleys must be sourced from the manufacturer of those pulleys. Includes SFI 18.1 10% Overdrive Harmonic Damper.


  • Dual Keyway Option - Add $20.00
    The double keyway option requires that the factory or aftermarket crankshaft be removed from the engine and a second keyway cut into the snout of the crankshaft. DO NOT run a double keyed damper on a crankshaft without the double keys. Failure to the damper hub can happen without the supporting key in the broached keyway slot. The dual keyway option is for Supercharged or Extreme Duty Applications (typically over 750 rwhp). Without the double key modification your crankshaft in these high horsepower applications can lead to the failure of the damper hub and/or the single keyway which results in damage to the damper and the crankshaft snout.
  • LS Crank Pin Kit - Add $75.00
    #968 Crankshaft Pin Kit for GM LS Trucks, TBSS and Gen 5 Camaro's. Designed for use with Innovators West dampers. For Stock Crankshafts Only.
  • Blower Hub Option - Add $25.00
    The super duty hub has increased material for supercharged applications.This increased material helps to protect the hub from cracking in high load applications. The super duty hub is recommended for supercharged applications making over 750 rwhp. Includes matching timing cover oil seal.


  • PS Pulley Outer Diameter: 6.260"
  • PS Pulley Hub Bore: .747"
  • Exceeds SFI 18.1 standards and is marked on front with SFI Sticker, and on the rear with SFI number stamped into unit.